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Manufacturing Enterprise "Manufactory" Baltic amber" produces handmade jewelry of gold and silver with amber, typical and exclusive works of authorship, as well as jewelry made of amber: necklaces, bracelets, pendants and souvenirs.

Company "Baltic amber" is located in Russia, in Kaliningrad region, which holds about 80% of the world amber deposits. The age of amber mined in our region is about 50 million years, thus it differs from other world amber regions in the variety of colors, shades, purity and density. We do not use in our jewelry pressed amber and fake amber with plastic! We offer you only genuine and natural amber!

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Treasures of Saint-Petersburg
  • Time:3 - 6 august 2016
  • Place:Saint-Petersburg
about amber

Baltic amber, born forty million to sixty million years ago, is a valuable fossilized resin that has undergone a metamorphosis following high-pressure and high temperature compression of earth's rock formations.

The petrochemical resin is washed, transported and precipitated, and diagenesis forms amber. Its surface often retains the lines of the resin flow, and bubbles and ancient insects or plant debris are often seen inside.

Amber low hardness, light texture, purification, roast color, carving and polishing process can be used as an ornament, and the Amulet of amulets and other crafts.

Firstly, amber is the world's most pure natural gems, with ancient mystical powers, is one of the three organic gems. And the amber color is not the same, those beautiful cell body and texture and the fingerprint as the one and only, has very high collection value.

Secondly, amber is the ancient Chinese herbal medicines often can promote skin blood microcirculation and amber amber intimate contact, there are many medicinal value, so popular. Amber is still one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, the most suitable for the Buddha with spirituality, exorcism, great sedative effect.

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